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AASA endorses and supports NGO/NPO initiatives that promote aviation through social and community projects, as well as education, skills development and training programmes.

Girls Fly Africa (GFA) is dedicated to empowering the youth, girls and women in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and mathematics (STEAM) field, focusing on the aviation and aerospace industry. 

Our mission is to transform lives one girl at a time by providing a clear path to success through our four pillars: Education, Outreach, Innovation and Technology.

Our approach at GFA, is to create a pipeline through focused programmes that grow in intensity and are tailored to develop each learner’s aspiration.

We have crafted innovative programmes and initiatives to unlock the opportunities that STEAM, focusing on the aviation and aerospace technology industry, offers young girls and youth in Africa. The programmes include design thinking, technology, and innovation to shape, empower, enable, and support the next generation of makers and problem-solvers in Africa’s aviation and aerospace industry while entrenching the spirit of Ubuntu

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w: girlsflyafrica.org 
e: hello@girlsflyafrica.org  

MayDay-SA is a peer-based network supporting the wellbeing of each and every South African aviation licence holder, thereby contributing to safety within the aviation community.

MayDay-SA has its roots in the Airline Pilots Association’s (ALPA-SA) Peer-to-Peer Programme – an initiative to provide volunteer support to fellow pilots who are experiencing difficult circumstances such as the impact of accidents and incidents, or life crises. Peer-to-Peer fills the gap that exists within the industry for supporting the emotional wellbeing of pilots.  

The key benefit of Peer-to-Peer is that, as pilots, the volunteers understand the unique stressors and demands of the operational environment. 

MayDay-SA’s Peer support model draws from similar structures that have operated for many years in many major global airline environments, where the results have been significantly positive – for the license holder; for the employer; and for sponsors of these initiatives.

Contact MayDay-SA

t: 012 333 6000 (ask for MayDay)
w: mayday-sa.org.za
e: maydaysouthafrica@gmail.com    
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Wonders of Aviation South Africa (WOA SA), is an NPO that uses the magic of flight to inspire and educate previously disadvantaged youth about the aviation industry, and to engender a life-long love of learning. 

WOA SA supports the aviation industry’s outreach programmes that encourage learners to consider a career in aviation, while focusing the majority of its efforts on individuals who we hope will become mentors and future aviation industry leaders. 

WOA SA depends on supporting organisations to provide awards, rewards, mentors, role models, and educational material.

Contact WOA SA

WOA SA (NPO# 20201607342408)
Dy Moonsammy - WOA SA Chairperson
e: dy.moonsammy@comair.co.za
c: +27 082 776 6137 
w: wondersofaviation-southafrica.org           

Contact WOA USA

WOA USA (IRS NPO# 75236162037)
Proctor Schenk - WOA USA Chairperson  
e: DPSchenk@aca-assoc.com  
c: (646) 248 3461
w: wondersofaviation.org   

 L        News  /  2022

Girls Fly Programme Africa (GFPA) Foundation 
July 2022.  

AASA sponsors GFPA Girls Aviation and Space Technology (GAST) Camp

AASA received a letter of gratitude from Refilwe Ledwaba / Pilot & GFPA Foundation Founder & Executive Director:

On behalf of the Girls Fly Programme Africa (GFPA) Foundation I would like to thank you for your continued support as the Airline Association of Southern Africa (AASA) for the projects and initiatives that we, as the GFPA, have undertaken to support our mission to change lives “one girl at a time”. 

The Girls Aviation and Space Technology (GAST) camp took place at Picardie Guest Farm in Paarl from the 25th to the 30th of June 2022. We hosted 40 learners from the Western Cape and Northern Cape Provinces, with 10 mentors, including two educators. The campers were exposed to careers in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) field with a focus on aviation and space technology. They were also introduced to the design thinking process, entrepreneurship, and 3D design. The campers had an opportunity to visit the South African National Space agency (SANSA) and also spent the day with professionals from different aerospace companies. 

We have been receiving wonderful feedback from the schools and learners regarding the camp, and it is through your sponsorship that we were able to highlight the importance of education, and encourage learners to focus on their studies. The support we received from AASA was instrumental in enabling us to host this year’s second camp. We hope that we will continue to receive your invaluable support in the future.

Visit the GFPA GAST camp Photo Gallery for more information and inspiration.