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South Africa leads aviation safety in Africa

May 22, 2017. Cape Town. The South African civil aviation industry has been under the spotlight over the last two weeks as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) conducted an audit of the country’s competence in relation to aviation safety oversight systems. The results of the audit conclude that SA'S aviation industry is the safest in Africa.

Initial results also show that South Africa’s sterling performance resulted in 100% performance in two key audit areas of Legislation and Organisation as well 100% in the sub-field of aviation medicine.  In our view, any independent acknowledgement of good governance and exceptional performance by the Civil Aviation Authority is welcome because it automatically gives assurance to those that use air transport that civil aviation safety and security oversight is indeed managed properly. We cannot be a Regulator that struggles with compliance with local and international requirements. Moreover, we cannot expect licence-holders to be compliant when we are not.
Poppy Khoza, who heads the SACAA as Director of Civil Aviation (CEO)

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