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June 2023 IATA Air Passenger Market Analysis 
Published August 8. IATA Economic Reports.

Passengers reach 94.2% of pre-COVID levels


  • In the first half of 2023, global revenue passenger-kilometers (RPKs) rose by 47.2% compared to the same period last year. The strong recovery trend persisted through June, as passenger traffic grew by 31.0% year-on-year (YoY), reaching 94.2% of pre-Covid levels.
  • Domestic traffic increased 27.2% YoY in June, surpassing pre-pandemic RPKs by 5.1%. This result was driven by the robust performance of major domestic markets.
  • While different regions experienced varying recovery patterns, total international RPKs grew 33.7% from June 2022 levels, maintaining the strong recovery seen this year. Notably, Asia Pacific carriers sustained their growth momentum, buoyed by the region’s resilient air travel demand.

African airlines' passenger traffic up 34.7% YoY

African carriers achieved robust annual passenger traffic growth of 34.7%, the second highest percentage gain among the regions. June capacity was up 44.8% and load factor fell 5.1 percentage points to 68.1%, lowest among the regions. Africa was the only region to see a decline in the monthly international load factor compared to the year ago period.

Global industry recovered significantly in H1 2023…  

During the first half (H1) of 2023, all regions achieved strong passenger traffic growth and made significant progress towards restoring pre-pandemic traffic levels. Although recovery trends varied across regions, industry-wide RPKs grew 47.2% YoY and were only 9.7% below 2019 levels.
    In H1 2023, Asia Pacific airlines saw a sharp recovery, as passenger traffic surged by 125.6% compared to 2022 levels. This recovery was driven by the reopening of China, the largest passenger market in the region, and the steady restoration of international travel in the region over the past year. RPKs for the Asia Pacific airlines jumped from 35.1% of 2019 levels in H1 2022 to 79.7% in H1 2023.
    North American carriers, being among the first airlines to resume operations, led the way in terms of recovery. With an additional 20.0% growth over 2022 levels in the first six months of the year, their RPKs outperformed pre-pandemic traffic by 0.8%. While other regions also experienced notable traffic recovery year-to-date (YTD) through June, the pace of growth moderated across all regions as RPKs approached their 2019 levels.  Download the full report...